Let me tell you something about spending Christmas abroad

For the first time since I started this blog in 2013, I will write about personal matters instead of focusing on one of those trending THE-MORE-YOU-KNOW topics.

Christmas abroad.

I think it could be a great subject for an essay: “How do you imagine Christmas abroad?”; lines and lines about hoz Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world; well, this seems to be interesting… but it is not really my point today (but you may recognize that it is a great excuse to filling some more lines on this texts… whatever)

You know that when you are lucky enough to do the job you always wanted to do, sacrifices seem to be normal and they are accepted or assumed. On the other hand, a price is paid, like for all other decisions in life. I will try to make you realizing that price, the one that spending Christmas abroad has for many people all around the world.

It is not only a cultural matter: we can adapt ourselves; nor a professional matter, because again, we can adapt ourselves; it is not even a social matter: in general, we will meet different people in similar situations. So I would like you to forget about all those accessory things: job, habits, routine… and be focused on the essential, the really essential: your people… and you.

Christmas is an opportunity to enjoy family gatherings, to keeping in touch with “your” people after a (more or less) long time without having the opportunity of spending time together.

When you spend Christmas abroad, in the aim of achieving a professional or personal objective, you may find yourself far away from those things one day you thought they would always be there.

It is true that it takes part of growing up, moving forward, being mature. But it is also true that it hurts, in the bottom of your heart, when you are not allowed to enjoy those moments that made you feel alive many times in the pas.

And that is my point today. No overbookings, no questions about customer service, no front desk challenges or hotel chain decision makings; today I would like you to think twice about the price of spending Christmas abroad, because it may be too high to be ignored. I would like you not to wait until you discover that it is too late; remember, we all may become great hoteliers but we will be never good enough to travel back in time.

Do not forget it! Enjoy these days, enjoy these moments with your friends, with your family. Whoever takes part of that “sacred” group of “your” people”.

Merry Christmas!!

 and a Happy New Year!!

Javier Guijarro Segado



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