2014 data overview and ideas to improve (I) UNWTO Barometer

We approach the end of the year 2014, a very long year which has supposed an important change in the context of the global crisis.

Despite negative results are still in the main pages of every newspaper, we may see that on the other hand, global trend seems to be changing into a growth period. We need to wait until we discover the effects of the Russian crisis, but as far as the Hospitality Industry is concerned, we have signs enough to be quite optimistic.

We can appreciate the evolution of international tourist arrivals since 2010, according to the information given by the UNWTO. Since 2010, the amount of international tourist arrivals has just increased, and the trend is going to keep this direction during the last months of current year.

As per the evolution between 2013 and 2014, the Americas lead the increase in the percentage of the international tourist arrivals (7,9% of growth, information updated by UNWTO in October 2014); Asia and the Pacific occupy the second place in this list (5% of growth) then we find Europe in the third place (4,2%, which means a small decrease of this growth compared to the 4,8% of evolution between 2012 and 2013)

There is another indicator of the International Tourism behavior: it is the international traveler’s expenditure. According to the information presented on the UNWTO barometer of October 2014, China occupies the first place within the world’s top ten source markets.

Javier Guijarro Segado


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