… and you hire a man that can be taught

Mr Ellsworth Milton Statler (1863 - 1928)
Mr Ellsworth Milton Statler (1863 – 1928)

When thinking about which is the most important value for working in the Hospitality Industry, many words come to my mind; dynamism, reactivity, sense of detail, accuracy…

In the same list, and probably in the first place, we should take into account the professionalism of people who work in this industry. We need to have knowledge enough to face many different kind of problems during our shift; this knowledge is as well a key factor when we need to come back and correct our mistakes. The more we know, the better our results will be at the end of the day.

In the beginning of the 20th Century, when Hotel and Travel Industry were recently born, pioneer Hoteliers started to prepare the basis of all the theory that we currently study in Hospitality Schools; this theory had to do not only with the customer service but also with the skills that people working in a hotel needed.

This is the case of Mr Ellsworth Milton Statler. He created the first hotel and the first hotel’s chain with bathrooms in all the rooms; his interest was not to enter the luxury branch but to provide affordable room’s prices to business travelers.

Concerning the values that Mr Statler considered basic for the employees of his company, he wrote a wonderful paragraph registered in the book Great American Hoteliers: Pioneers of the Hotel Industry.

From this date you are instructed to employ only good-natured people, cheerful and pleasant, who smile easily and often. This goes for every job in the house, but at present I’ll insist on it only for people that come into contact with guests.

If it’s necessary to clean house, do it. Don’t protest. Get rid of the grouches and the people that can’t keep their tempers. And the people who act as if they are always under a burden of trouble and feeling sorry for themselves. You can’t make that sort of a person over; you can’t do anything with them profitably, but get rid of them. Let the other fellow have him and you hire a man that can be taught.

Javier Guijarro Segado


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